Rifle Shack Gets Painted


Recently Caroline Chupa from Extreme Tactical Canada contacted George Chignel about having her students perform some community work and the rifle shack was suggested. Caroline enlisted the help of 4 students while WLSA through George provided the equipment necessary. It was decided that Wednesday August 05 2020 was optimal for all involved.

Prior to the work day, George removed the signage in preparation and hopes to reuse what he can but there were some that are well beyond hope.

The work party started at about 9:00 am on a great Goldilocks day, ( not to cold, not to hot) and Caroline provided some refreshments for their noon break. They were well co-ordinate and completed by about 2 pm and that was 2 coats and the interior as well.

They were great workers and it did not take them long.

George Chignel

The paint colour was selected by the Board at an earlier meeting based on the fact that the shotgun shack was pained this colour and some paint was left over, plus it keeps a consistency through out the facility. In total about 7 gallons of paint was applied to the dried out shack

WLSA would like to thank Caroline Chupa of Extreme Tactical Canada and Savannah Harrison, Hana Elfson, Anthony Gassor and Jacob Shirley for doing an outstanding job and Director George Chignel for taking it on.