Williams Lake Sportsmen's Association Constitution

1 – The name of the Society is WILLIAMS LAKE ROD and GUN CLUB but operates under the name, WILLIAMS LAKE SPORTMEN’S ASSOCIATION (hereafter referred to as the Society)

2 – The purpose of the Society is as follows:

  • to promote an interest in outdoor recreation and wildlife conservation
  • to promote and develop an interest in hunting, fishing and archery
  • to do everything incidental and necessary to attain the foregoing purpose’s 
3 –  The operation of the Society shall be carried on on the area and district known as SCHOOL DISTRICT No 27, COUNTY OF CARIBOO, PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA. This position is alterable.

Club Documents and Board of Directors Minutes

All members in good standing are entitled to review the minutes of WLSA Board of Directors meetings, Annual General Meeting minutes or any other Club documents. If you would like to do so please sent an email via the contact page or contact the Club Secretary  

Copy of documents and meeting minutes are available upon request. You may use the contact form .



First Monday of the Month
(Except on statutory holiday.)
(No meetings July and August)

Monday 04 December 2023
Monday 08 January 2024
Monday 05 February 2024Monday 04 March 2024
Monday 08 April 2024Monday 06 May 2024Monday 03 June 2024
Monday 1 July 2024
Monday 05 August 2024Monday 09 September 2024
Monday 07 October 2024Monday 04 November 2024Monday 02 December 2024
Monday 06 January 2025


2024 Board of Directors

Revised: Sep 2024-03-03
1Caroline ChupaPresidentNat Range Day
2Cassy PremackVice-PresidentBanquet/Facebook
4George ChignelSgt at ArmsRange Maintenance
5Gavin LaukkanenSecretaryGovernance
6Lorne BarronDirector
7Ed OliverDirector
8Dave CorlessDirector
9Ted MatogaDirectorWebsite/Membership
10Lloyd ComoDirectorShotgun/Bldg Maintance
11Jim FeeleyDirectorBldg Maintance
12Barry JenkinsDirectorTraining/Chief RSO
13Jamie ChanDirectorIPSC
14Melanie McComberDirectorJOP
15Kevin LockhartDirectorShotgun
16Nick AntifaeffDirectorBldg Maintance
17Mat WattsDirector
18Tyler HammDirectorIPSC
19Lee JackmanArchery RepArchery Rep

Board Responsibilities

1. To establish the Society’s vision and direction.

2. To ensure the financial health of the Society.

3. To direct Society’s operation.















(There are years I was unable to find. If you have a year or individual that is not listed, please contact via CONTACT PAGE )

2024PresidentCaroline Chupanational Range Day
2024Vice-PresidentCassy PremackBanquet/Facebook
2024Sgt-at-ArmsGeorge ChignellRange Maintance
2024SecretaryGavin LaukkanenGovernance
2024DirectorLorne Barron
2024DirectorEd Oliver
2024DirectorDave Corless
2024DirectorTed Matoga Website/Membership
2024DirectorLloyd ComoShotgun Bldg Maintance
2024DirectorJim FeeletBldg Maintance
2024DirectorBarry JenkinsTraining/Chief RSO
2024DirectorJamie ChanIPSC
2024DirectorMelanie McCormberJOP
2024DirectorKevin LockhartShotgun
2024DirectorNick AntifaeffBldg Maintance
2024DirectorMatt Wats
2024DirectorTyler HammIPSC
2024Archery RepLee Jackman
2023President Lorne Baron
2023Vice-PresidentCaroline Chupa
2023SecretaryGavin LaukanenGovernance
2023TreasurerEd Oliver
2023Sgt at ArmGeorge ChignelRange Maintenance
2023DirectorDavid CorlessBuilding Maintenance
2023DirectorTed MatogaWebsite / Membership
2023DirectorLloyd ComoShotgun / Building Maintenance
2023DirectorJim FeeleyBuilding Maintenance
2023DirectorKelly BennettCowboy Action
2023DirectorBarry jenkinsTraining / Chief Range Safety Officer
2023DirectorJamie ChanIPSC
2023DirectorWyatt GrayFacebook
2023DirectorMelanie McCormberJunior Olympian Program (archery)
2023DirectorKevin LockhartShotgun
2023DirectorNick AntifaeffRange Maintenance
2023DirectorJenna FeeleyAt Large
2023DirectorMatt WattsCommunication
2023Archery RepresentativeLee JackmanArchery
2022PresidentLorne Barron
2022PresidentLorne Barron
2022Vice-PresidentEd Oliver
2022SecretaryGavin LaukkanenGovernance
2022TreasurerDave CorlessFinancial
2022Sgt at ArmsGeorge ChignelRange Maintenance
2022DirectorTed MatogaWebsite
2022DirectorLloyd ComoShotgun / Bldg Maintenance
2022DirectorMelanie McComerJOP
2022DirectorJim FeeleyBldg Maintenance
2022DirectorKelly BennettCowboy Action
2022DirectorBarry JenkinsTraining / Chief RSO
2022DirectorJason KerleyMembership / Agency Liason
2022DirectorJamie ChanIPSC
2022DirectorNick AntifaeffRange Maintance
2022DirectorBrayden FeeleyFishing
2022DirectorWyatt GrayFacebook
2022DirectorKevin Lockhart
2022DirectorJenna Feeley
2022Archery RepLee JackmanArchery Rep
2020 - 2021PresidentKane Fraser
2020 - 2021Vice-PresidentLorne BarronBanquet, Stakeholder, Nominating
2020 - 2021TreasurerDave CorlessFinancial
2020 - 2021Sgt at ArmsGeorge ChignelBldg Maintenance, Range Maintenance
2020 - 2021SecretaryGavin LaukkanenCommunication, Governance
2020 - 2021DirectorTed MatogaWebsite, Governance
2020 - 2021DirectorLloyd ComoBanquet, Bldg Maintenance, Shotgun
2020 - 2021DirectorWayne BiffertOutdoor RV
2020 - 2021DirectorJim FeeleyAt Large
2020 - 2021DirectorKelly BennettCowboy Action
2020 - 2021DirectorBarry JenkinsShotgun, Training / Chief RSO
2020 - 2021DirectorAl BushFishing
2020 - 2021DirectorJamie ChanWL Practical Shooters
2020 - 2021DirectorBob ThurowJunior Olympian Program
2020 - 2021DirectorWyatt GrayFacebook
2020 - 2021DirectorNorm ReynoldsAt Large
2020 - 2021DirectorEd OliverMembership
2020 - 2021Archery RepLee JackmanArchery Rep
2020 - 2021DirectorMelanie McComberAt Large
2019PresidentLorne Barron
2019Vice-PresidentEd OliverJOP / Nominating
2019SecretaryGavin LaukkanenGovernance
2019TreasurerDave CorlessFinancial
2019Sgt at ArmsGeorge ChignelRange Maintenance
2019DirectorTed MatogaWebsite
2019DirectorLloyd ComoShotgun / Bldg Maintenance
2019DirectorWayne BiffertFishing / Outdoor RV
2019DirectorJim FeeleyBldg Maintenance
2019DirectorKelly BennettCowboy Action
2019DirectorBarry JenkinsTraining / Chief RSO
2019DirectorAl Bush
2019DirectorJamie Chan
2019DirectorRider Cheyne
2019DirectorBob Thurow
2019DirectorWyatt GrayFacebook
2019DirectorNorm Reynolds
2019Archery RepLee JackmanArchery Rep
2018PresidentLorne Barron
2018Vice-PresidentKane FraserMembership
2018SecretaryGavin LaukkanenGovernance
2018TreasurerDave Corless
2018Sgt at ArmsGeorge ChignelRange Maintenance
2018DirectorJim FeeleyBldg Maintenance
2018DirectorLloyd ComoShotgun / Bldg Maintenance
2018DirectorWayne BiffertFishing / Outdoor RV
2018DirectorWyatt GrayFacebook
2018DirectorKelly BennettCowboy Action
2018DirectorMary ThurowCommunications Chair
2018DirectorBarry Jenkins
2018DirectorEd Oliver
2018DirectorAl Bush
2018DirectorRob HarrisonCommunications
2018DirectorTed MatogaWLSA Website
2018DirectorBecky WaterhouseBanquet
2018DirectorErnie Schmid
2018Archery RepLee JackmanArchery Rep
2012PresidentBarry Jenkins
2012Vice-PresidentCaroline Chupa
2012SecretaryJacques Drisdelle
2012TreasurerEd Oliver
2012Sgt at ArmsCorky Berkelaar
2012DirectorMoe Monita
2012DirectorErnie Davidson
2012DirectorMic Burich
2012DirectorJim Feeley
2012DirectorRoy Slavens
2012Continuing DirectorsMike Chesley
2012Continuing DirectorsGeorge Chignell
2012Continuing DirectorsLorne Barron
2012Continuing DirectorsAl Campsall
2012Continuing DirectorsTerry Chupa
2012Past PresidentJacques Drisdelle
2012Steve Capling22 Rifle Silhouette
2012Al CampsallArchery Representative
2012Jacques DrisdelleATV
2012Judy JenkinsBanquet Chairman
2012Mic BurichBlack Powder
2012George ChignellBuilding Maintenance
2012Jacques DrisdelleClub Firearms
2012Debbie Powers-BarronCommunication & Website
2012Barry & Judy JenkinsCORE & CFC
2012Barry Jenkins – Roy SlavensCWF Liaison
2012 Moe Monita
Mike Chesley
Fishing Committee
2012Terry Chupa - Scott BettsHandgun
2012Ed Oliver
Ernie Davidson
Junior Archery Program
2012Lorne BarronMemberships
2012Jacques DrisdelleNominations
2012Barry Jenkins Gerry LucasRange & Hall Coordination
2012Jacques DrisdelleRange Maintenance
2012Ernie DavidsoTrap Berry Jenkins -
2012Mike ChesleyTrophies & Awards Moe Monita –
2012Roy SlavensWildlife Game Regulations
2011PresidentJacques Drisdelle
2011Vice-PresidentVic Rafuse
2011SecretaryDebra Powers Barron
2011TreasurerEd Oliver
2011Sgt at ArmsWayne Biffert
2011DirectorMike Chesley
2011DirectorGeorge Chignell
2011DirectorLorne Barron
2011DirectorAl Campsall
2011DirectorDaniel Pellan
2011Continuing DirectorsRoger Gysel
2011Continuing DirectorsMoe Monita
2011Continuing DirectorsCorky Berkelaar
2011Continuing DirectorsGord Mayfield
2011Continuing DirectorsErnie Davidson
2011Past PresidentBarry Jenkins
2010PresidentJacques Drisdelle
2010Vice-PresidentVic Rafuse
2010SecretaryDebra Powers Barron
2010TreasurerEd Oliver
2010Sgt at ArmsWayne Biffert
2010DirectorRoger Gysel
2010DirectorMoe Monita
2010DirectorCorky Berkelaar
2010DirectorGord Mayfield
2010DirectorErnie Davidson
2010Continuing DirectorsGerry Lucas
2010Continuing DirectorsMike Chesley
2010Continuing DirectorsGeorge Chignell
2010Continuing DirectorsLorne Barron
2008PresidentBarry Jenkins
2008Vice-PresidentDave Keely
2008SecretaryDebra Powers Barron
2008TreasurerEd Oliver
2008Sgt at ArmsWayne Biffert
2008DirectorCorky Berkelaar
2008DirectorGeorge Chignell
2008DirectorTerry Chupa
2008DirectorRoger Gysel
2008DirectorGordon Mayfield
2008DirectorMoe Monita
2008Continuing DirectorsLorne Barron
2008Continuing DirectorsMike Chesley
2008Continuing DirectorsDesi Cheverie
2008Continuing DirectorsGerry Lucas
2006PresidentDoug Hill
2006Vice-PresidentWayne Biffert
2006SecretaryAmanda Berkelaar
2006TreasurerSince no on was nominated for treasurer Dan Di Paola
remains in that position until we can find someone to take this on.
2006Sgt at ArmsBarry Jenkins
2006DirectorRoger Gysel
2006DirectorCorky Berkelaar
2006DirectorKen Gibson
2006DirectorFred Streleoff
2006DirectorMike Ramsey
2006Continuing DirectorsMoe Monita
2006Continuing DirectorsMike Chesley
2006Continuing DirectorsLome Barron
2006Continuing DirectorsGerry Lucas
2006Continuing DirectorsRoy Slavens
2006Past PresidentJacques Drisdelle
2004PresidentJacques Drisdelle
2004Vice-PresidentDouglas Hill
2004TreasurerRoy Slavens
2004Sgt at ArmsBarry Jenkins
20042 year DirectorKen Gibson
20042 year DirectorWayne Biffert
20042 year DirectorCorky Berkelaar
20042 year DirectorRider Cheyne
20042 year DirectorGlen Kuenzl
20041 year DirectorGerry Lucas
20041 year DirectorMoe Monita
20041 year DirectorMike Ramsey
20041 year DirectorLome Barron
20041 year DirectorBev Parent
2003PresidentJacques Drisdelle
2003Vice-PresidentWayne Biffert
2003SecretaryDouglas HillCommunications
2003TreasurerRoy Slavens
2003Sgt at ArmsBarry Jenkins
2003DirectorRider Cheyne
2003DirectorMike Ramsey
2003DirectorLone BarronMembership
2003DirectorGerry Lucas
2003DirectorMoe Monita
2003Continuing Directors:Dennis Wilders
2003Continuing Directors:Ken Gibson
2003Continuing Directors:Bev Parent
2003Continuing Directors:Corky Berkelaar
2003Committee Chair  Jacques DridelleArchery
2003Committee ChairLorne Barron
Geoff Goodall
2003Committee ChairGeorge ChignallBlackpowder
2003Committee ChairGlen KuenzlConservation\Bear Aware
2003Committee ChairMike RamseyCORE
2003Committee ChairRider CheyneFacility Maintenance
2003Committee ChairGeoff GoodallFundraising
2003Committee ChairCorky BerkelaarGame Banquet
2003Committee ChairDennis Wilders
Barry Jenkins
Hall and Range Coordinator
2003Committee ChairWayne BiffertHunting/Fishing Regs and Allocation
2003Committee ChairKen GibsonJunior Olympic Archery
2003Committee ChairRider CheyneJunior Shooting
2003Committee ChairAl TewMerchandise
2003Committee ChairBev ParentParks, Land Use and Treaties
2003Committee ChairCliff StinsonPistol
2003Committee ChairBarry JenkinsRange Permits
2003Committee ChairGerry LucasShotguns
2003Committee ChairMoe Monita
Glen Kuenzl
Trophies and Awards
2003Committee ChairRoy SlavensWilderness Watch
2002PresidentGeoff Goodall
2002Vice-PresidentWayne Biffert
2002SecretaryDouglas Hill
2002TreasurerRoy Slavens
2002Sgt at ArmsBarry Jenkins
2002DirectorKen Gibson
2002DirectorCorky Berkelaar
2002DirectorMurray Carruthers
2002DirectorDennis Wilders
2002DirectorBev Parent
2002DirectorRider Cheyne
2002Continuing DirectorsAl Tew
2002Continuing DirectorsJacques Drisdelle
2002Continuing DirectorsGeorge Chignell
2002Continuing DirectorsTim Tymchuk
2002Past PresidentGlen Kuenzl
2000PresidentGlen Kuenzl
2000Vice-PresidentGeoff Goodall
2000SecretaryDan Wall
2000TreasurerPerry Anderson
2000Sgt at ArmsBev Parent
2000DirectorAl Tew
2000DirectorKen Gibson
2000DirectorJohn Thomas
2000DirectorRider Cheyne
2000DirectorDouglas Hill
2000DirectorRob Lewis
2000Continuing DirectorsBrock McNary
2000Continuing DirectorsGerry Lucas
2000Continuing DirectorsWayne Biffert
2000Continuing DirectorsCliff Stinson
2000Past PresidentJudy Jenkins
1999PresidentGlen Kuenzl
1999Vice-PresidentJohn Thomas
1999SecretaryDan Wall
1999TreasurerLeeyann Allan
1999Sgt at ArmsBev Parent
1999DirectorWayne Biffert
1999DirectorGeoff Goodall
1999DirectorGerry Lucas
1999DirectorBrock McNary
1999DirectorCliff Stinson
1999Continuing DirectorsRider Cheyne
1999Continuing DirectorsKen Gibson
1999Continuing DirectorsRick Pacquette
1999Continuing DirectorsRosa Mobbs
1999Continuing DirectorsRick Bamberry
1999Past PresidentJudy Jenkins
1993PresidentLeeyann Allan
1993Vice-PresidentGerry Oliver
1993SecretaryJeanette Thomas
1993TreasurerBev Parent
1993Sgt at ArmsKaren Kuenzl
1993DirectorGerry Lucas
1993DirectorGordon Gillette
1993DirectorWayne Biffert
1993DirectorHeino Seibert
1993DirectorJames Beaulieu
1993DirectorGlen Kuenzl
1993DirectorSteve Becker
1993DirectorRider Cheyne .
1993DirectorRosa Nobbs
1993DirectorDoug Michie
1993DirectorBarry JenkinsRange Co-ordinator
1993Past PresidentJudy Jenkins
1993CaretakerBarbara Lucas
1993Committee ChairGordon GilletteArchery
1993Committee ChairvacantBanquet
1993Committee ChairBarbara LucasBar
1993Committee ChairGlen KuenzlBCWF
1993Committee ChairRider CheyneBlack Powder
1993Committee ChairRider Cheyne
Gerry Lucas
Building & Grounds
1993Committee ChairJudy JenkinsBulletin
1993Committee ChairLeeyann AllanBullitin
1993Committee ChairRosa MobbsCocession
1993Committee ChairLeeyann AllanConcession
1993Committee ChairBarry JenkinsCORE
1993Committee ChairKen SchwartzEducation
1993Committee ChairKaren KuenzlEntertainment
1993Committee ChairGerry LucasFishing
1993Committee ChairGlen Kuenzl
Heino Seibert
Fund Raising
1993Committee ChairSteve BeckerMembership
1993Committee ChairBarbara LucasMerchandise
1993Committee ChairLynn OliverNative Affairs
1993Committee ChairRider Cheyne
Steve Becker
1993Committee ChairGerry LucasPublic Relations
1993Committee ChairWayne Biffert
Heino Seibert
1993Committee ChairJames BeaulieuSkeet
1993Committee ChairBarry JenkinsSporting Clay
1993Committee ChairJudy JenkinsTrap
1993Committee ChairLeeyann AllanTrophies


The current Association evolved from the Williams Lake Rod and Gun with the association of the Cariboo Archers so a name change was appropriate.  Since then it has been a rewarding experience for both)

(There are years I was unable to find. If you have a year or individual that is not listed, please contact via CONTACT PAGE )

1974PresidentDave Rankin
1974Vice-PresidentBarry Jenkins
1974SecretaryDoug Law
1974TreasurerCliff Day
1974DirectorsJoe D'AndreaGrounds, bulldlng
1974DirectorsBarry JenkinsRange Officer
1974DirectorsDoug LawBulletin, P.R
1974DirectorsAlex WhitecrossN. Cent. Wildlife Assn
1974DirectorsCliff DayN. Cent. Wildlife Assn
1974DirectorsBen StephenMembership
1974DirectorsAlex WhitecrossWildlife mgt
1974DirectorsDave KarranSpecial Activities
1974DirectorsLaurie RiedelSpecial Activities
1972PresidentDave Karran
1972Vice-PresidentPaul Fafard
1972SecretaryLaurie Riedel
1972TreasurerLaurie Riedel
1972DirectorsMartin Stacey
1972DirectorsJack Cupa
1972DirectorsHarry Gender
1972DirectorsRudy Beckman
1972DirectorsGord Robinson
1972DirectorsDave Rankin
Jun-71PresidentDavid Karren
Jun-71Vice-PresidentPaul Fafard
Jun-71SecretaryLaurie Riedel
Jun-71TreasurerLaurie Riedel
Jun-71DirectorsGordon Robinson
Jun-71DirectorsDon Keith
Jun-71DirectorsBen Mobbs
Jun-71DirectorsTx Tyerman
Jun-71DirectorsRudy Beckman
Jun-71DirectorsHarry Gender
Jun-71Past PresidentG. Van Soest
Mar-71PresidentDavid Karren
Mar-71Vice-PresidentPaul Fafard
Mar-71SecretaryLaurie Riedel
Mar-71TreasurerLaurie Riedel
Mar-71DirectorsGordon Robinson
Mar-71DirectorsDon Keith
Mar-71DirectorsRoy Seward
Mar-71DirectorsTx Tyerman
Mar-71DirectorsHilmar Wolf
Mar-71DirectorsHarry Gender
Mar-71Past PresidentG. Van Soest