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Thank you WLSA for your support!

Williams Lake’s archery competitors (Cariboo Archers) did not disappoint in the 2020 BC Winter Games held in Fort Saint John BC on February 20-24 2020.

On the first day of competition, Isaac Bedford (Jasmine Bedford) and Ty Thurow (Bob Thurow) both shot 1135 over 2 days of competition, with Isaac having one more “x” than Ty so securing the gold and giving Ty the silver. 
While on the 2 day event Kylie Sharman (Lynn Sharman) on her lead from the first round and finished with 1124/1200, 30 points above second place.
The 3rd day of competition was match play for 1st to 4th place only, with Ty Thurow securing gold by winning both his rounds. Isaac was defeated by the strong 4th place and 3rd place shooters who ended up silver and bronze respectively.  Kylie easily defeated 4th place and then was neck and neck in the gold medal match, tying it up after 15 arrows and prompting a shootout. Kylie’s shootout arrow was almost a bulls-eye and much closer to the centre than her competitor’s which secured Kylie’s second gold of the weekend. 

Our future Olympians  were coached / supported / supervised by Al Campsall (Raeleen Campsall) and Lora-Lee Murray –

I  know I speak for all parents when I say a heartfelt thank you to them as well!  ———  Mary Thurow ———-.

Zone 8 archery competitors also did extremely well this weekend- check out full results here  2020 BC Games – Zone 8 Archery Competitor Results and BC Games results for all sports here  2020 BC Game Results


The Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association has been supremely supportive of our 45 student Junior Olympian Program!  Coach, Ed Oliver, was the catalyst for restarting the Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association Junior Olympian Program nine years ago; when he asked me to join him.  Lorne Barron soon joined Ed and me and the three of us have coached/taught kids ever since.  We have been helped by David Corless, additionally, Mary Thurow, Becky Waterhouse and Lynn Sharman have ably handled the logistics.  In the last four years, our kids have stood on the podium at BC Archery Championships and the Canadian Archery Championships 72 times.  No other JOP club in BC or Canada can match that record!  With your help, we must be doing something right.  It is a Team Effort! – Al Campsell – 2020-02-01 at Wild Game Banquet –

This program is jointly supported The Cariboo Archers and The Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association.

Program is open to youth aged 8 to 20.

What is a Junior Olympian Program (JOP)

The JOP is designed to recognize young archers for their achievements and give encouragement for improvements. As awards are earned, each youth develops archery skills together with greater confidence and ability to perform in competition. Goals include recognizing fair play, courtesy and good sportsmanship with the emphasis placed on safety and individual performance.

Shooters will learn about safety rules and learn the visual and audible signals used to for timing/safety controls.

Archers are encouraged to participate in the Provincial JOP Championships.

*** This program is supported 100% by volunteers ***

Cariboo Archers provides volunteers to organize and coach who have been provincially certified as an archery coach and have successfully passed a police records check. Our coaches themselves have competed and attained multiple titles at the BC, Canadian and international levels, some have their origins in this program. We also promote our experienced JOP participants to help the new members. Not only does this promote comradery  but develops coaching skill and a sense of community. Parents are encouraged to remain and help out with none-coaching duties such as starters (whistle blower) arrow pullers and overall cheerleaders. 

Archery equipment is available but if you have your own by all means bring it.  

Junior Olympian Program typically starts in early October and and holds 2 sessions on Thursday evenings based on schedule that works for each family.

Cost is minimal (Our goal is to encourage youth involvement so if cost is a concern please speak to us.)

1 – Target and facility fee
2 – BCAA membership
3 – WLSA membership 

2019 – 2020 Program Dates: First night and registration is on Thursday October 3rd and each Thursday after that to end of April.
Hours: 5:15 pm – 6:30 pm, 6:30 – 8:00 pm



Kylie Sharman, Isaac Bedford, Ty Waterhouse, Joelle Thurow, Ty Thurow

2020 Junior Olympian Champions 


  • 3D archery is a subset of field archery focusing on shooting at life-like three dimensional animal shaped targets placed in dynamic settings and at varying distances.

  • Outdoor 3D events may feature a ‘golf like’ course staged in the woods or fields where each target ‘hole’ varies from other target station setups in the course.  It is most common to see unmarked distances in 3D archery, as the goal is to mimic a bow hunting experience for competition.
    British Columbia Archery Association
    British Columbia Archery Association
  • Competitors must gauge the distance to the target and adjust their aim to hit the center of the scoring rings on the target which are typically located off-center, over the targets heart and vital area.
  • The goal of 3D competition is to achieve the highest possible score for the course. 
  • 3D Archery can be participated by anyone at any skill level and is a fun variation of archery.
British Columbia Archery Association


(Yes you are reading that right!)

May 09 (Sat) 2020 - May 10 (Sun) 2020

Cariboo Archers has taken on an ambitions program this year, not only the Indoor Archer on April 10-12 2020 but have decided to run 2 events on their annual Club event! 
2 for 1 
On Saturday May 09 2020 in the morning they will be hosting their 3D Archery event and then in the afternoon they will host a 720 event. Then on Sunday May 10 2020 they will return to the 3D Archery. 

Details are not available yet and as soon as we get them they will be posted. This is not a shoot you want to miss.


This is a coaching clinic for  those wishing to develop their skills  

DATESFriday January 31 2019, Saturday February 01 and Sunday February 02 2020
TIME:  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Lunch Included)
COST: $175.00 – paid in full to hold
LOCATION: WILLIAMS LAKE SPORTSMEN’S ASSOCIATION club house at 920 Bond Lake Rd Williams Lake


Training will be provided by Kevin Evans / Vladimir Kopecky Compound Recure Archery Training

If you are interested in another clinic or missed this one,  please sent Becky and email as a show of interest without commitment

Please contact Becky at ….


Williams Lake Tribune

Al is also very involved in various committees 

BCAA, Archery Canada 3D, Archery Canada 3D Sub-committee (financial aid to Team Canada 3D Archers), Archery Canada 3D Sub-committee (Team Canada selection criteria), Cariboo Archers Executive (Treasurer, 3D course designer), 2020 BC indoor Championships Committee

These courses are coached by Al Campsall, who has won 21 Canadian Archery Championships in Outdoor 3D, Indoor 3D, Field, Indoor Target and Outdoor Target medals and 25 BC Archery Championships. In August 2019 Al competed in the World Masters Championships in Switzerland and brought home the GOLD. Read the Williams Lake Tribune Article 

Al has been instrumental in developing the Junior Olympian Program and although he is stepping back to some degree, he continues to coach youth who are showing advanced abilities beyond the JOP.  In addition Al has taken on these introductory class to encourage adult participation.

The classes have been set by gender to provide a comfortable environment and encourage participation. Previous archery skills are not required and students will become familiar with the compound bow.  Because  the class size is limited, students will receive personal coaching. If you have experience and wish to improve this is a great place to start.

View Al’s profile at Archery Canada from 2018


Participants will learn the proper stance, notching the arrow and drawing the hand properly to name a few and become confident  in their application in any shooting enviourment. Further, regardless of the style of archery, the techniques taught in this class will provide a solid base within the various types of shooting with modification. 

Ladies Archery Classes

Any lady who wants to try archery or improve their shooting form.

DATESMonday January 06, 13, 27 2020  February 03 2020
TIME: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
LOCATION : WILLIAMS LAKE SPORTSMEN’S ASSOCIATION club house at 920 Bond Lake Rd Williams Lake
COST: Members – FREE, Non-Members – $10.00 drop-in fee per night
EQUIPMENT:  Bring your own bow and arrows OR we will supply at no cost

Gentlemen Archery Classes

Any gentleman who wants to try archery or improve their shooting form.

DATES: Monday – February 10, 17,  March 02, 09 2020
TIME: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
LOCATION : WILLIAMS LAKE SPORTSMEN’S ASSOCATION club house at 920 Bond Lake Rd Williams Lake
COST: Members – FREE, Non-Members – $10.00 drop-in fee per night
EQUIPMENT:  Bring your own bow and arrows OR we will supply at no cost

(or advise)

Call Al Campsall – 250-3929625


Cariboo Archers are members of the  WILLIAMS LAKE SPORTSMEN’S ASSOCIATION and have members sitting on the WLSA board while maintaining their own managing executive.


President: Lee Jackman — 250-398-5691
Secretary: Mary Thurow
Treasurer: Al Campsall — 250-392-9695
Director:   Fred Streleoff
Director:   Dan Mobbs
Director:   Darren Sanford
Director:   Larry Fitzpatrick
Director:   Ernie Schmid
Director:   Gavin Laukkanen
Director:   Bob Thurow
Director:   Becky Waterhouse
Director:   Adam Lyons