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2024 National Range Day

Sat June 01 2024 was our 3rd Annual Range Day Open House and each year we receive more guests than the year before. This year we were pleased to host over 150 people! This is fantastic as it was an overcast day with sporadic rain which did not dampen the enthusiasm. We would be pleased if you would join us. There is camaraderie within our Association and a sense of accomplishment. Your involvement is only limited by you as we always need volunteers, directors or helpers. Need more information? just send an email to: wlsa.websit@gmail.com Also, if you have any questions or are interested in any of these disciplines please send am email to: wlsa.websit@gmail.com Also you may want to check out: 2023 National Range Day, 2022 National Range Day This is a FREE event open to the public. Guests came out and were treated to firing club member firearms for free and a light luncheon was set up. We were please to present 6 types of activity that our members engage in – ARCHERY The archery element was hosted by volunteer and offered guests to try their hand at shooting traditional bows and compound bows at 3D targets. The Cariboo Archers hold provincially sanctioned events as well as club events to improve skills while in the fall, the Cariboo Archers and WLSA offer a Junior Olympic Program for our young people that is a provincially sanctioned class which is staffed by volunteers and the equipment is provided. BLACK POWDERThis is our new group and this was their inaugural launch with the Association. Volunteers provided the firearms and powder load free of charge and encouraged guests to try them out. COWBOY ACTIONCowboy Action Cowboy Action Shooting is a multi-faceted shooting sport in which contestants compete with firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West: single action revolvers, pistol calibre lever action rifles, and old time shotguns. Our guests INTERNATIONAL PRACTICAL SHOOTING CONFEDERATION (IPSC) IPSC is an exciting international activity involving several firearms and participation requires the successful completion of a safety and rules course known as Black Badge. It incorporates, movement, speed and accuracy while maintaining safety. The activity is rigorously supervised and events are well attended.BUT, on Range Day, our guests were able to experience the excitement of firing the firearms without completing the Black Badge course. RIFLEThis category covers a wide field of firearms. Association members brought their own firearms and ammunition was provided. The firing line was well staffed with several range officers who over saw all participants. Available here included the 22 cal rifle and the black power experience. SHOTGUNMembers provided 20ga and 12ga shotguns for our guests to try their hand at shooting clay birds, surprisingly there were a large number of first time shoots who hit the bird. (I must be doing something wrong) Our youngest guest …

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Rifle Shack Gets Painted

Recently Caroline Chupa from Extreme Tactical Canada contacted George Chignel about having her students perform some community work and the rifle shack was suggested. Caroline enlisted the help of 4 students while WLSA through George provided the equipment necessary. It was decided that Wednesday August 05 2020 was optimal for all involved. Prior to the work day, George removed the signage in preparation and hopes to reuse what he can but there were some that are well beyond hope. The work party started at about 9:00 am on a great Goldilocks day, ( not to cold, not to hot) and Caroline provided some refreshments for their noon break. They were well co-ordinate and completed by about 2 pm and that was 2 coats and the interior as well. The paint colour was selected by the Board at an earlier meeting based on the fact that the shotgun shack was pained this colour and some paint was left over, plus it keeps a consistency through out the facility. In total about 7 gallons of paint was applied to the dried out shack WLSA would like to thank Caroline Chupa of Extreme Tactical Canada and Savannah Harrison, Hana Elfson, Anthony Gassor and Jacob Shirley for doing an outstanding job and Director George Chignel for taking it on.

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