Outdoor Adventure Program

WLSA is sad to announce that the Outdoor Adventure Program is no longer available. We would like to thank Wayne Biffert and family for all their effort and time in this worth while project. If an opportunity developes or if you are interested in restarting this program please contact wlsa.ca for details.


2710 Dog Creek Road Williams Lake BC

Biff’s Ponds is a private country location at 2710 Dog Creek Road Williams Lake and is run by Wayne Biffert family .

Wayne can be contacted at 250-392-7460 or wbiffert@thelakebc.ca

Wayne and family would love to see you and your family come out. Person(s) with mobility issues is not a concern so PLEASE call Wayne to make arraignments.

Family Fishing Day Sunday June 21 2020 (Fathers Day)

We are sorry to say that due to Covid-19 we have to cancel.

What is BC’s Family Fishing Weekend?

BC’s Family Fishing Weekend is a celebration of the great sport of fishing and getting outdoors. 2020 marks the 21th annual event weekend.

Each event is organized by dedicated groups in each community with help from the Family Fishing Society of BC. As well as encouraging youngsters to come out and fish, the events are an excellent opportunity to share the importance of fish and their fragile habitat. The goals of the Society and of the event are to increase angler participation, promote B.C.’s world-class freshwater and tidal (saltwater) sport fishery plus develop greater public respect and awareness for our outdoor resources.

The Family Fishing Society was awarded the National Recreational Fisheries Award by Fisheries and Oceans Canada in recognition of the long lasting and positive impacts of (re)introducing thousands of kids and families to recreational fishing in British Columbia. The Family Fishing Society of British Columbia was created in 1999 to encourage all British Columbians to take up recreational angling as a pastime and to enjoy British Columbia’s world-class sport fishing opportunities.


15 minute drive from Hwy 97 (14.5 km)
Plenty of parking
Don't have a rod? No problem
Three ponds, no waiting!
It was about this big, honest!
They are in there, just have to catch them.
Parker Cook (7)shows off his catch while Cameron Cook (3) looks on. (Cameron caught his fish later this day)
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Wayne Biffert and family is offering the use of their 3 stocked trout ponds for some ice fishing. Wayne and family have extensive experience facilitating those with difficulties through the Outdoor Adventure Program, so come on out for an hour or or a day.

Contact Wayne to make arraignments  at 250-392-7460 or email:  wbiffert@thelakebc.ca 

For additional information check out our Fishing/Outdoor Adventure Program page.

DATES: Now until the melt

COST: free but a donation to the program would be appreciated

EQUIPMENT: if you do not have any, Wayne may be able to help

LOCATION: 2710 Dog Creek Rd Williams Lake

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