Range Day 2022


Saturday June 04 2022

Director Lloyd Como raised a motion at the May Board of Directors meeting that the Association partake in the first ever National Range Day event and that it was scheduled in 1 month! Lloyd went on to explain that National Range Day was to be held yearly on the first Saturday in June and in 2022 it fell on Sat June 04 2022. The event was initiated by Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR) as

… a unified day to show the rest of Canada who we really are. The vision can mean different things to different people. Clubs and ranges across the country can host “open houses” or similar events and invite their greater communities. National firearms advocacy organizations can come together and encourage and support their members and associates in hosting celebrations. Individuals or folks in remote areas can commit to bringing 1, 2, 3 or more new people out for a day of shooting.

CCFR – National Range Day

Due to previous commitments, Lloyd was unable to take on duties and Lorne Barron(President) assumed coordinator duties. All Directors where up for the challenge to showcase their disciplines but the rifle area did not have a Director available. It was decided to ask for the assistance of Caroline Chupa, a well known firearm instructor in Williams Lake, which she readily agreed to do. She even brought her own crew of range officers.

It was also decided at the May meeting that the WLSA would take this opportunity to offer a 25% saving on membership for any new member joining on that day only. Now, they must never have been a member and, renewal would be at the regular rate.

The media campaign commenced immediately with posters and radio spots but we held our breath and hoped for the best, we only had a month to prepare. A week prior to event day a meeting was held, items ironed out and fingers crossed.

Well, on Saturday June 04 2022, the event was held from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm under an overcast sky and cool temperature.

The rifle range was a hit with excellent turn out.

We even had royalty …

Karena Sokolan who is the 2021 WL Stampede Queen puts her shooting skills to the test.

Shotgun had a good turn out. A variety of shotguns were available and coaching was spot on.

IPSC was very active and the guests were happy to try some handguns before they are outlawed (opps sorry that was my inside voice)

Just 4 of our guests who tried out the 9mm handguns
Glock 17
CZ Shadow

Cariboo Archers had an excellent set up on the field range at the back of the club house. There were about 12 target animals set up including the exotic alligator not normally found in the Cariboo. Guests were treated to the compound and the recurve bows with coaching from from Cariboo Archers volunteers.

Cowboy Action shared the stage with IPSC and they had a variety of firearm’s, that were popular –

Our guests are shown how the firearm is handled

45 Colts, with 4.5” Barrels

Remington’s with 7.5” Barrels the caliber was 45 long colts for both.

Ruger 22 Revolver

Henry lever action in 45 Colt

12 Gauge Long barrel with open hammers

Short-barreled stagecoach gun

Revolver in 38 special, 5″ Barrel

Ruger Revolver 44-40, 7” Barrel

Winchester lever action rifle in 44-40

12 Gauge Shotgun

The participation was moderate but steady through out the day. Families and individuals attended as well as spouses of members came out to try the variety of firearms. These firearms belonged to our members and were loaned for the public to try.


For some of our guests this was their first firearm or bow and a fair number took good advantage to try it all out. Some went to specific areas of interest while others did them all and even had seconds.

Overall, it was a great day. The Association received some great exposure with positive comments and on social media the comments were positive with some expressing disappointment in having missed it. There is next year, Saturday June 03 203.

Not only did we get some good exposure, we also had 11 adults and 4 youths join our family with varied interest. Looking forward to seeing them become involved.


How did we do?

Surprisingly well using the new members and hotdogs consumed as a metric, but we would always like to get more exposure and publicity. Volunteers turnout was good and a wide variety of firearms and the free hot dogs were appreciated. Some visitors were there for  a short time while some took their time at each display and came back for seconds

 What’s Next?

We will be starting up earlier obviously with advertising and member notification via email. We would like to see friends, spouses and family members coming out and enjoying what’s your Club has to offer.

See you Saturday June 03 2023