IPSC – Black Badge Certification Match (BBCM)



Image of participants meeting at first stage.

Early start to the day – lets make some noise!

With Covid-19 being prevalent and the restrictions in place regarding distancing and masking, it has been a difficult year in introducing new people to the discipline. Classes were held at Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association and Quesnel Rod and Gun but how do you get them qualified?

IPSC BC decided to hold a qualifying event here in Williams Lake at the first available opportunity. Plans were were made and preparation commenced with the hope that restrictions would ease and a Qualifier could be held, if not IPSC BC would role with the punches and get it done asap. The chosen date was Saturday July 17 2021 and Sunday July 18 2021.

On June 24 2021 Premier John Horgan announced plans for the province to move into the third phase of its restart plan and the intended phase in schedule would work for the BBCM

With the green light Match Directors, Heino Seibert, Bill Davidson and Jamie got to work finalizing the 6 stages. Bays 1-4 would be used and would only require closing the shotgun range and the .22cal range. The 6 stages would be used over the 2 days and at minimum a competitor would expect to use 170 rounds.

In order to meet IPSC safety and judging requirements the BBCM would require 7 range officers (RO). Now you would expect that these people who are giving their time and expertise would participate free of charge BUT they don’t. Each RO is required to register and pay the entry fee, Thanks RO’s, it is appreciated.

The RO’s were:

In total, there were 22 first time participants plus the RO’s

Of special note was Kane Fraser, the current President of the WLSA.If you do not know Kane Fraser I can suggest a short read in the Quesnel Cariboo Observer from 2017 and the Williams Lake Tribune from 2012 for an insight into his determination. He is supported by his family members as well who all share his resolve and Kayden Fraser (14 years young) placed 6 th in the certification match.

All in all, it was a great turn out, weather was good and it was a fun time, a nice way to ease out of the Covid-19 restrictions.

So, if you would like to try something different and exciting, regardless of age, gender or physical ability, look and read again to see if your hurtles are just opportunities to overcome and excel. WLSA club house has mobility access, upper and lower levels.

If you are interested in more information please contact us through the contact page.