Electrifying Improvement


IPSC/Cowboy Action Receives Upgrade

For sometime the IPSC/Cowboy Action bays have been in the dark, not that they shoot in the dark but that there was not electricity to the shack. WL Practical Shooters presented a case for the need and the WLSA board approved the expenditure.

This project once completed will provide a 60 amp panel to the IPSC/Cowboy shack, sufficient power to handle a welder any other needs. From the source to the shack is approximately 140 meters ( 153 yards) so work would need to be done.

Prior to Covid-19, Loyd Como and Gavin Laukkanen developed the specifications of the project and it was a matter of getting everyone and things in place. Not an easy task when family and employment life takes a priority.

The required transformer, power lines and other items were ordered but there would not be anyone at the club to accept it. This was solved through a courtesy Finning Canada here in Williams Lake who permitted us to use them as a receiving location.

Logo - Finning Canada
450 MacKenzie Ave S
Williams Lake, BC V2G 1C9

Then in July and August 2021, as covid-19 restrictions eased and volunteers became available the pick and shovels came out. No, not really. The ground is terrible. The backhoe was able to do some of the work and then the big gun was needed.

Caleb Fraser of Censored Construction, Williams Lake and Director Al Bush provided some power machinery. We also used the services of Brian Schmautz to operate the back hoe.

The wire was laid and filling the trench with 12 yards of sand which was supplied by United Concrete plus dirt commenced. Al Bush operated the skid steer while Lloyd Como and George Chignel provided any shovel work required

United Concrete Logo

Now, Cowboy Action and IPSC will be able to co-ordinate requirements, mood music? did not get it for the shotgun rack so maybe here.