CCFR – Scrap C21


Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights

The CCFR position is that an election will help solve the Liberal attack on firearm possession and use. In the interim there are a number of things that I, you and we can do to. This is best presented in a 9:46 minute video available at the CCFR website. Here you will be able to learn what you can do. This link will provide you with information on –

  • Sending mail to federal government officials at Parliament Hill is free, no postage is required, no matter how many letters you send. You may think that the Prime Minister, the Minister of Public Safety, or your MP will just ignore your letter. They normally would, but …
  • Ask Your Gun Club to Help. First, ask them to send out a request to all their members to go to SCRAPC21.CA and participate in these activities. Second, ask them to request a free poster pack from the CCFR and post a set of them in every range on their property….
  • Be an Online Activist. As most social issues are these days, gun control is an information war.content is available to download directly on to your computer so you can post it as your own and use it to reply to the government and media’s social media posts….
  • Vote Accordingly. As unfortunate as it is, in our system, the only real way to protect your right to own and use firearms is to keep people who want to take your property out of the government. The only way to do that is to …..


The CCFR has produced a wide variety of high-quality content for you to use in your own activism. Simply download all these videos and memes (social media placards) to your computer and spread them across the internet. Directly post them in the replies on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms under posts made by the media, politicians, political parties and anti-gun organizations. Respond with a meme or a video, in every conversation anywhere, anytime. There’s a video or meme for every topic so keep posting. CCFR DOWNLOAD link here.

This material is available in both languages in the form of whiteboards and videos and again, FREE to use. Reply to posts and comments with factual, professionally prepared information. Individually and as a group we have have to be active, the opposition is.

Doing nothing isn’t an option. Every single person reading this post has the power to get up and do something to defend their ability to own and use their firearms.


Petition your Board of Directors to have a dedicated director or committee to raise awareness within your community AND volunteer to be part of that committee.