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WLSA Fights Firearm Ban

Firearm ban targets law-abiding citizens: Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association Williams Lake Tribune: Greg Sabatino Jul. 8, 2020 4:30 p.m.Local News Members of the Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association, including its president, are taking aim at the federal Liberal government’s recently billed ‘assault-style’ weapon ban. “Eighty per cent of firearms that are used in crimes are smuggled into Canada,” Davidson said. The group said it is hoping to educate the public about what they’re calling an undemocratic, overreaching Order in Council from the federal government, which bans close to 2,000 types of firearms in Canada. WLSA president Kane Fraser (right) , International Practical Shooting Confederation B.C. Training Course Co-coordinator, Chief Range Officer and former board member Heino Seibert (left) and National Range Officers Institute (NROI) Range Officer and Training Course Instructor Bill Davidson Centre) — all from Williams Lake — said the OIC does nothing to remove firearms from the hands of criminals and, instead, punishes lawful, responsible gun owners who use firearms for hunting and sporting purposes. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced May 1 the government was banning 1,500 types of what he called assault-style weapons. The federal RCMP have since added roughly 300 more firearms to the list, which continues to be updated and changed on a daily basis, causing confusion and uncertainty among legal owners, the group said. The federal government stated the ban would and “does not affect legal hunters and target shooters in any way,” however, Fraser, Seibert and Davidson said, in fact, those are the only groups targeted by the ban. READ MORE: Cariboo-Prince George MP endorses petition to repeal Trudeau’s gun ban Now, anyone legally owning any of those firearms, or equipment, must keep them securely locked up. The federal government, meanwhile, has said there will be a two-year amnesty period for gun owners where it will come up with a buy back program for owners to receive what the government is calling ‘fair value’ for any firearms now deemed illegal. The group, however, said they’re puzzled by many of the firearms listed in the ban, including common firearms used in hunting, target and sport shooting competitions, Davidson added. “Eighty per cent of firearms that are used in crimes are smuggled into Canada,” Davidson said. “That’s a staggering amount. It goes right to border security and what they’re doing there to prevent this, and their minimal budget. It’s staggering how little they’re putting toward doing that.” The federal government’s 2019 budget allots $77.3 million over five years and $13.5 million ongoing for enhanced law enforcement at the Canada, U.S. border, equating to roughly $15.5 million per year. The government’s cost to buy back now illegal firearms is estimated to cost a minimum of $500 million, ballooning up to a potential $1.5 billion. Davidson also said none of the banned guns are actually ‘assault rifles,’ as those weapons are capable of firing in fully automatic mode — adding the targeted firearms seem to be banned based on how they look rather than what they can do, leaving some nearly identical firearms legal. Actual assault rifles have been banned in Canada since 1978. Seibert stressed no lawful gun owner is opposed to eliminating gun crime, and said he’d rather see meaningful efforts by government to crack down on and punish those involved in firearms related crimes, provide more resources to border control as well as more support for mental health services. As it stands now, Seibert explained each time a registered firearms owner goes to remove a gun from a locked safe — whether for hunting or sport shooting purposes — its owner needs to check the banned registry list to make sure it has not been changed. “It’s changing so quickly, and actually on a daily basis, you have to make sure that gun you are taking out hasn’t been listed,” he said. “You have to check this massive list each time.” IPSC competitions in Canada, which have been hosted in Williams Lake in the past, have effectively been whittled down to pistol competitions as most competition target rifles are now prohibited, Seibert noted. Businesses dealing in the lawful selling of firearms have also been hit hard, the group noted as, in some cases, much of their stock is now deemed illegal. READ MORE: Feds ban more than 1,500 assault-style rifles in Canada An example close to home in Prince George is Cassandra Parker, the co-owner of K.K.S. Tactical Supplies Ltd., who is taking the federal government to court and asking for a judicial review of the government’s ban of firearms. Parker’s lawsuit claims the firearms prescribed as prohibited are reasonable for use in Canada for hunting or sporting purposes, and do not pose a disproportionate risk to public safety. She further calls into question the government’s opinion to the contrary, stating it is not supported by any evidence. https://tpc.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html Fraser said if the Prime Minister’s stated objective is to reduce gun crime, targeting law abiding citizens makes no sense. He said the expanded restrictions will do nothing to stop the illegal flow of guns into the country, resulting in a veiled public safety benefit. Fraser pointed to the Canadian long-gun registry as another misguided attempt at preventing gun crime. The gun registry was originally supposed to cost roughly $2 million, however, by 2004, had skyrocketed to nearly $2 billion spent or committed to the federal program. “[This] cost taxpayers billions of dollars and did nothing to curtail criminal gun activity as the guns never were registered,” Fraser said. “Again, law abiding firearms owners and business owners are the individuals targeted by previously failed Liberal attempts at gun control and the current Order in Council.” Court challenges, meanwhile, have continued to crop up throughout the country surrounding the OIC on the basis of how it was legislated, including from the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CFFR), a public relations and educational branch of the Canadian firearms community. “The government, in an entirely arbitrary and irrational way, has created legislation that will deprive us of our

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This is My Canada Too.

Prepared by: Heino Seibert More guns are now being added as prohibited on a daily basis by the LIBERAL PARTY (Government)..  Contrary to Bill Blair’s statements, many shotguns as well as 22 Long Rifle have now fallen victim to the list of prohibited as well.  We have been forced over the edge and are now beginning our rapid downhill decline. Tax paying, law abiding, highly vetted Canadian gun owners CAN NOT remain silent. Don’t believe this ban won’t affect you because you have nothing on the current prohibited list! Regardless of the shooting activities you enjoy, whether it be hunting, target or competition, it’s only a matter of time before you’re called to lock your safe permanently by the Liberal PARTY  (Government) agenda.  This is not just a gun issue, the Liberals now see that Order In Councils can be easily imposed on any group, at any time, on any matter.  Your group or interest may be next!  The time to stand up for your Constitutional rights and demand due democratic process is now!  This has been cast aside by the narcissistic, megalomaniac, dictatorial behaviour of Bill Blair and Justin Trudeau.  If you’ve done nothing to fight this, you are part of the problem by displaying typical Canadian indifference.  I’m getting really tired of being this Liberal Government’s punching bag for criminal behaviour in Canada.  It is now time to have our voices heard!! There are several MILLION GUN OWNERS in Canada.  Can you imagine, if only a small majority of those actively opposed to what is happening, simply took the few minimal actions as outlined below??  The political and financial power we would wield, would be unparalleled in Canada!  The time for complacency has ended LIST OF NEW PROHIBITED FIREARMS (DOWNLOAD PDF) CANADA GAZETTEARMALYTICSRCMP (Shotgun Prohibition) TAKE ACTION NOW. HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH !!! It’s so easy! Most can be done right from your device!! These actions will begin the process. We need to seize the initiative to fight this effectively. Share this with your contact group.– regardless of their position, it is more than firearms. We all want a safe country but by Order in Counsel is not the way– this is “the foot in the door” – what is next, airsoft or paintball? Join the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR)…YOUR HELP IS NEED NOW– The CCFR is bringing the challenge we face, as a targeted group, before the Courts.– There is great political strength in numbers.– They need money!! Lawyers aren’t cheap, especially good ones!!– Click on the link, fill in the blanks, give up your credit card number…it’s that easyCanadian Coalition for Firearm Rights. Sign any and all Petitions relating to this…NOW– below you will find information on current petitions. Review them and please sign them, You will have to confirm your email address via the email it will automatically send you.– then REFER TO “A” – Share with your contacts. Contact your Member of Parliament, especially if they are a Liberal…NOW!– our Member of Parliament is Todd Doherty and can be contacted at:Todd Doherty MP (MP Doherty has a petition in place, please sign it – see below)– and while your at it, let the BC representative know your feelings … opps there is none.– so then let the federal Liberal Party know as they say on their web site “We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly” . Then let the provincial BC Liberal Party, know because a Liberal is a Liberal or a totalitarian with a new name-call them, insist that they take your name as a concerned citizen that is opposed to the Liberals actions in this matter and take the name of the person you spoke to. Make note on your device calendar and repeat weekly– email them weekly. Your own words or copy the text from a petition– then REFER TO “A” – Share with your contacts. We need NON-GUN owners’ support as well, not just gun owners.– speak rationally, they are family and neigbours, and sharing the facts is a good start. Perhaps they will sign one or all of the petitions. Some may be opposed but they are entitled to their view, even if it is misguided.– don’t forget your household. Spouse and adult children can sign, these are individual petition not household.– don’t stoop to emotional rhetoric like the Liberals used to sell this Order In Council. We are far above this. We are legal gun owners.– use facts to support your position. They are clearly in our favour.– refer them to The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights which has much of this info on their website. This is not just a gun issue, the Liberal Party has been embolden now that an Order In Council has been easily imposed on a lawful group. Will your group, activity, equipment or interest be next!The 44th Canadian Federal election shall take place on or before October 16, 2023 at the latest. Lets work to make it sooner. Lets send a message via the provincial election, after all a Liberal is a Liberal and they move between jurisdiction as the need suits them.

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