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2024 National Range Day

Sat June 01 2024 was our 3rd Annual Range Day Open House and each year we receive more guests than the year before. This year we were pleased to host over 150 people! This is fantastic as it was an overcast day with sporadic rain which did not dampen the enthusiasm. We would be pleased if you would join us. There is camaraderie within our Association and a sense of accomplishment. Your involvement is only limited by you as we always need volunteers, directors or helpers. Need more information? just send an email to: wlsa.websit@gmail.com Also, if you have any questions or are interested in any of these disciplines please send am email to: wlsa.websit@gmail.com Also you may want to check out: 2023 National Range Day, 2022 National Range Day This is a FREE event open to the public. Guests came out and were treated to firing club member firearms for free and a light luncheon was set up. We were please to present 6 types of activity that our members engage in – ARCHERY The archery element was hosted by volunteer and offered guests to try their hand at shooting traditional bows and compound bows at 3D targets. The Cariboo Archers hold provincially sanctioned events as well as club events to improve skills while in the fall, the Cariboo Archers and WLSA offer a Junior Olympic Program for our young people that is a provincially sanctioned class which is staffed by volunteers and the equipment is provided. BLACK POWDERThis is our new group and this was their inaugural launch with the Association. Volunteers provided the firearms and powder load free of charge and encouraged guests to try them out. COWBOY ACTIONCowboy Action Cowboy Action Shooting is a multi-faceted shooting sport in which contestants compete with firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West: single action revolvers, pistol calibre lever action rifles, and old time shotguns. Our guests INTERNATIONAL PRACTICAL SHOOTING CONFEDERATION (IPSC) IPSC is an exciting international activity involving several firearms and participation requires the successful completion of a safety and rules course known as Black Badge. It incorporates, movement, speed and accuracy while maintaining safety. The activity is rigorously supervised and events are well attended.BUT, on Range Day, our guests were able to experience the excitement of firing the firearms without completing the Black Badge course. RIFLEThis category covers a wide field of firearms. Association members brought their own firearms and ammunition was provided. The firing line was well staffed with several range officers who over saw all participants. Available here included the 22 cal rifle and the black power experience. SHOTGUNMembers provided 20ga and 12ga shotguns for our guests to try their hand at shooting clay birds, surprisingly there were a large number of first time shoots who hit the bird. (I must be doing something wrong) Our youngest guest …

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Toddler takes aim

2023 National Range Day

2023 Range Day Saturday June 03 2023 was our 2nd Annual Range Day. The community was invited to attend our facilities and experience firing a variety of firearms and bows for FREE. This years event was held under bright sunny skies and moderate temperature. Public turn out was excellent and doubled last years and once again involved involved members of: Eye and ear protection was mandatory for all person(s) and WLSA provided soft individual ear plugs as well as safety glasses. All firing lines were under the control of a master qualified range officer while individual stations also had range officers. Attendees were treated to 1 on 1, hands on, live firing of firearms and in some cases 2 range officers to 1 participant as well as bbq hotdogs, pop, juice and potato chips. The event was broadcast by Cariboo Country 570 Williams Lake / 100.3 Quesnel live from our facilities. There were experience individual who had not been out for sometime to toddlers who were had to stand on the seat, with dad or mom there of course, to help with the aiming. We are able to present some photos of the event, preparing and then some from participants but once it got busy, well we were having too much fun. If you missed this year there is next year, the 1st Saturday in June and 2024 it will be Saturday June 01 If you would like to read more information about National Range Day this will link you there. (CLICK ON PHOTO TO EXPAND FOR FULL CONTENT)

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IPSC Qualifier 2022

This years IPSC Qualifier was held on Saturday July 16 – 17 2022 and was sponsored by Spectra Power Sports , Davidson Financial Services and your Association. Plus Cheryl Chan and Leigha Holley were able to raise charity funds for ….

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Cowboy Action – 2021

It was Friday August 13 2021, when the 5th annual Cowboy Action was hosted by Chilcottin Rangers of Williams Lake. In-spite of the date attendees had a lot of good luck but mostly skill.

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