2020 Was a Most Challenging Year


Lorne Barron Vice President, Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association

It started with our 2020 Annual Wild Game Banquet, held at the Elks Hall. We sold out tickets for the first time since we moved the event to the larger venue. A host of volunteers, led by Lloyd Como, put on a great evening which was again catered by Crystal’s custom Catering.

Then Covid-19 hit. We were initially unsure how to proceed. After studying regulations that kept changing and much discussion, a general response was developed. Almost all events were cancelled. The few that went ahead were very small, outdoor events with limited local participation. The ranges are still open for member use with appropriate precautions.

The summer saw a face lift at the club with new paint and colour on the clubhouse and shooting shelters.

As the year progressed it became apparent that we would have to cancel the 2021 Wild game banquet, HOWEVER,

If you have any Trophy submissions remember to get them in by January 5.
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This fall we were approached by The Likely Archery Rod & Gun Club to form an affiliation with us. The Likely facility is early in development but does have a 700-yard range and we are still working out the details of this affiliation.

Finally, we had to postpone the 2021 Annual General Meeting until further notice due to the limitations in attendance due to COVID -19conditions. We regret the necessity of this move but could see no way to proceed with a meeting. We will reschedule the Annual General Meeting as soon as possible.

Finally, I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year. I look forward to getting the club back on track during 2021.

Lorne Barron Vice President, Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association