The Williams Lake Rod and Gun Club is the original club and was a shotgun only club. These tables are from the trophies that are in the trap shack.


– 1951 –


Retired - R&G - Annual Benevolent Shoot

Donated by: Ben Mobbs

Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 Singles
1977Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesGibb Scott
1978Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesBarry Jenkins
1979Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesBob Smethurst
1980Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesLaurie Hall
1981Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesGib Scott
1984Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesDan Simmons
1986Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesAlvin McLeod
1986Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesBarry Pigeon
1987Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesGib Scott
1988Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesBill Laird
1982Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesGib Scott
1990Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesBarry Jenkins
1989Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesGib Scott
1991Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesBill Laird
1992Annual Benevolent Shoot – 50 SinglesAlvin McLeod

Retired - R&G - Memorial Trap Shoot

Martin Stacey Memorial

Annual Memorial Trap shoot
1973Tom TranesMartin Stacy Memorial
1974Frank ArnoldMartin Stacy Memorial
1979Alvin MacLeodMartin Stacy Memorial
1980Floyd TrotterMartin Stacy Memorial
1980Laurie HallMartin Stacy Memorial
1982Barry JenkinsMartin Stacy Memorial
1984Alvin MacLeodMartin Stacy Memorial
1985Laurie HallMartin Stacy Memorial
1985Dan SimmonsMartin Stacy Memorial

Retired - R&G - Best All Round Shoot

Benny Abbott Memorial Trophy

R&G – Best All Round Shot
1961Gus PeckBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1962M. MortensonBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1964Jack EvansBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1966Jack EvensBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1967Pan StaceyBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1971Tex SyermanBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1972Howard MeissnerBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1973Butch RifeBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1974Butch RifeBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1975Ben MobbsBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1976M. NoerBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1977Barry JenkinsBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1978Butch RifeBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1979B SmethurstBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1980Butch RifeBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1981Barry JenkinsBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1982Gib ScottBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1983Barry JenkinsBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1984Dan SimmonsBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1985Bill LairdBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1986Bib ScottBenny Abott Memorial Trophy
1987Bill LairdBenny Abott Memorial Trophy

Retired - R&G - Cariboo Open - Handicap

Donated by: Butch’s Sports Centre Ltd.

Cariboo Open – HandicapButch Sports Centre Ltd
1982Joe FudaliButch Sports Centre Ltd
1968Charles PigeonButch Sports Centre Ltd
1980Brian FeistButch Sports Centre Ltd
1981Brian FeistButch Sports Centre Ltd
1984Jim ForbesButch Sports Centre Ltd
1985Bill LairdButch Sports Centre Ltd
1987Gib ScottButch Sports Centre Ltd
1993Jim ForbesButch Sports Centre Ltd

Retired - R&G - Cariboo - Open

Donated by: Bass Insurance – Williams Lake

Cariboo Open
Singles Champion
Bass Insurance Williams Lake
1964B. McNeeleyBass Insurance Williams Lake
1965H. HopcottBass Insurance Williams Lake
1966J. EinspharBass Insurance Williams Lake
1967R. AndersonBass Insurance Williams Lake
1971J. Forbes (Quesnel)Bass Insurance Williams Lake
1972W. MarttellBass Insurance Williams Lake
1973R. RifeBass Insurance Williams Lake
1974Tom GrovesBass Insurance Williams Lake
1975Tom GrovesBass Insurance Williams Lake
1976Tom GrovesBass Insurance Williams Lake
1977R. MacleodBass Insurance Williams Lake
1978R. RifeBass Insurance Williams Lake
1979Tom GrovesBass Insurance Williams Lake
1980Tom GrovesBass Insurance Williams Lake
1981Alvin MacLeodBass Insurance Williams Lake
1982Bib ScottBass Insurance Williams Lake
1984Gib ScottBass Insurance Williams Lake
1985Barry JenkinsBass Insurance Williams Lake
1986Gib ScottBass Insurance Williams Lake
1987Barry PigeonBass Insurance Williams Lake

Retired - R & G - Mystery Award

Plate is missing from trophy so if you know what it is for, please drop me an email.

Mystery AwardUnknown Donation
1964J. Rome
1965H. Hopcott
1966J. Einsphar
1967J. Hesketh
1968E. Pitt
1969B. Stacey
1970D. Bateson
1971J. Sterling
1972W. Marttell
1973Roy Bettle-Stone
1974Tom Groves
1975Tom Groves
1976L. Hill
1977Barry Jenkins
1978B. Mobbs
1979Tom Groves
1980Tom Groves
1981Barry Jenkins
1982Tom Groves
1985Tom Groves
1986Bill Laird
1987Bill Laird
1993Jim Forbes

Why should you flatten a PDF

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How to flatten a PDF

Create a Flattened PDF on Windows 10
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  2. In the Print window, select the Printer dropdown menu and select Adobe PDF. (This option is available in most programs that can open PDFs on a Windows computer including web browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox.)

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  4. Select where you wish to save the file and update the filename appropriately.

Create a Flattened PDF on Mac OSX
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  2. When you’re ready to flatten the PDF, open the PDF in the Preview application. Your computer may default to opening PDFs in Preview. If it does not, you can open the PDF in Preview in two ways:

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    • Right-click or control-click on the PDF file and select Open With > Preview

  1. With your document open in Preview, go to File > Export as PDF.

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Create a Flattened PDF on an iPad
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  2. In the Adobe Acrobat Reader app, select the Home tab at the bottom.

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  5. Scroll down to the Sharing heading and turn on the option for Share a Flattened PDF.

  6. Return to view your PDF in the Acrobat Reader app and select the Share icon in the upper right corner.

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  2. Select your desired mail app to send to someone, or send this flattened PDF to another app of your choice.