"The Range"

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1993 February
Board of Directors

President: Leeyann Allan
Vice President: Gerry Oliver
Treasurer: Bev Parent
Secretary: Jeanette Thomas
Sgt. at Arms: Karen Kuenzl
Past President: Judy Jenkins
Range Co-coordinator: Barry Jenkins
Caretaker: Barbara Lucas

Directors: Gerry Lucas, Gordon Gillette, Wayne Biffert, Heino Seibert, James Beaulieu, Glen Kuenzl, Steve Becker, Rider Cheyne, Rosa Nobbs, Doug Michie

1993 February
Committee Chairs

Archery--Gordon Gillette
Bar—-Barbara Lucas
Merchandise--Barbara Lucas
Black Powder--Rider Cheyne
Rifle--Wayne Biffert & Heino Seibert
Buildings & Grounds--Rider Cheyne & Gerry Lucas
Concession--Rosa Mobbs & Leeyann Allan
Skeet--James Beaulieu
Sporting Clay--Barry Jenkins
CORE--Barry Jenkins
Education--Ken Schwartz
Entertainment--Karen. Kuenzl
Fishing--Gerry Lucas
Membership--Steve Becker
Pistol--RiderCheyne & Steve Becker
Bulletin—Judy Jenkins & Leeyann Allan
Trap--Judy Jenkins
Trophies--Leeyann Allan
BCWF—Glen Kuenzl
Fund Raising-Glen Kuenzl & Heino Seibert
Native Affairs—Lynn Oliver
Public Relations—Gerry Lucas

1993 March 27 Event
B.C. .Wildlife Federation/Williams Sportsmen's Association Fundraiser

Dinner and dance will get underway at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, March 27, a.t. the-clubhouse. Doors open at 6:30 for a cocktail hour, a Prime Rib dinner catered and served by the Fraser Inn, with Caesar salad and all the trimmings,will be served at 7:30, the auction and raffles will start at 8:30 and dancing gets under-way at 10 p.m. Music will be provided by Cariboo Night Life. The fundraising portion of the night
will include a wide variety of items, and there will be many door prizes as well. Nobody goes home empty-handed. Tickets are $30 apiece and are available from executive members or at People's AD Gallery in Boitanio Mall. Proceeds go for habitat enhancement, education and the Wildlife patrol. Come on out for an entertaining evening and bring your friends.

1999 May 01 & 02 Event
Northern BC Bowhunting Championships

Mark May 1st and 2nd on your calendar for the annual Northern B.C. Bowhunting Championships at the WLSA. More than 400 archers from across the west will be participating. Registration takes place Friday afternoon and evening. It’s a 7:00 a.m. start Saturday morning with 60 targets throughout the weekend. Spectators are welcome, and the concession will be open.
Please note that all the ranges will be closed Wednesday, Aprd 28 through Sunday, May 2 due to the archery shoot Leeyann and Rosa will be looking for help at the concession and bar for the archery shoot. If you can help for a few hours, please call Leeyann.

1999 January 01
Meeting Schedule

Regular Board Meeting - 3rd Monday of the month
Executive Meeting - 1st Monday of the Month

Summer Recess - July and August

1999 January 01
Range Schedule


Skeet - Wednesday 6:30 pm
Trap - Thursday - 6:30 pm


Wednesday - IPSC - 6:00pm
Thursday - Bullseye - 6:00 pm
Sunday - Mixed 1:00 pm


1st Tuesday - BP trap - 6:00 pm
2nd & 3rd Tuesday - Cart. ML rifle, pistol - 6:00 pm
4th Tuesday - Trail walk, rifle pistol, 6:00 pm


Tuesday - Beginner archery - 7:00 pm
Wednesday - 7:00 pm
Sunday - 7:00 pm


1999 April 18 Event
Doug Michie Memorial Shooting Clay Shoot

April 18 is the Doug Michie Memorial Sporting Clay Shoot. Come out to try your luck on 150 targets and win some nice prizes. Cost: $75.

1999 April 19
Next Years Trophies

It’s already time to think about entries for next year’s trophies! If you catch a fish or shoot a bear you want measured, you have a few options: Glen Kuenzl and Gerry Lucas are our official measures. You may also have your fish weighed at many resorts, but you must provide Gerry or Glen with verification from the resort.
Al Bush at Chilcotin Guns also weighs fish, and Al Tew at Knife Creek Taxidermy will measure game animals. Again, the onus is on you to provide a copy of the score to the club.

1999 April 19
Club House Maintance

Gerry L.
fixing taps in bathroom. Presented bill for a dado blade just like the one stolen.

1999 April 19 Event
2000 Banquet Planning

Brock M.
- Fraser Inn quoted $12.95 / plate for 100 people+ for 2000 game banquet and they
want the meat 2 weeks earlier. Music Factory will do it for the same price of $400.

1999 June 05 - 06 Event
Pacific International Trapshooting Association (PITA)

WLSA hosted the PITA shoot.

P.I.T.A. is a not-for profit organization made up of State and Provincial Associations, governed by an Executive Committee elected from its membership. Formed in 1931, our goal is to promote the sport of trapshooting through organized shooting events.

1999 June 21 Regular Meeting
Volunteers No Show

Geoff G
Volunteers were needed for some range work but none showed up. Work will be re-scheduled.

1999 June 21 Regular Meeting
Basement Meeting Room Renovation

We’re working on cleaning up and finishing the basement meeting room sometime over the summer. The more club members who come out to help equals less work for everyone involved. Please contact John Thomas or Glen Kuenzl if you can help out for an evening. We haven’t set any dates yet, but we need to clean out the room, finish the dry wall and build some cupboards.

1999 July 10 Event
Black Powder Rendezvous

I am assuming that this event was held at the WLSA facilities. While no information is available the closed I could find is a 2017 event held at Cache Creek.

Read the article

1999 July 31 Event
West Coast Sporting Clay Shoot

No details available