"The Range"

Welcome to the hunting season. Please take care and be safe and don’t forget to enter your harvest in our trophy and award categories. No money but bragging rights.



Saturday June 01 2019 at 10:00 am  and Sunday June 02 2019 at 9:00 am


Price is $15.00 p/p (includes 240 targets and lunch on Sat.)

There will be 13 stations set up.

Saturday will have 70 targets in the morning and 70 in the afternoon.   Sunday will will have 100 targets.

Lewis class scoring in effect for this event.


Saturday night dinner for $15.00 p/p


Contact : Lloyd 250-305-7191, Reid 250-398-8293, Danita 250-296-4463


The Lewis Class is based on final scores posted when the event is over.

Prior to the event, the Shoot Promoter decides the number of classes and the payout per class, i.e. 1 class per 15 shooters, 2 or 3 payouts per class.

At the shoot’s end, scores are listed numerically from highest to lowest. Then, they are divided into as many groups as there are classes.

For example; if there are 30 entries and five classes, there will be six scores in each class. The highest score in each class is the winner. Because there will be an odd number of entrants and tie scores on the dividing line between classes, several rules have been established.

1) When a short class is necessary, due to an odd number entry list, the short class or classes shall head the list.

2) When the line division falls in a number of tie scores, the contestants are assigned to the class in which the majority of the scores appear.

3) When an equal number of tie scores appears on either side of the dividing line, contestants shall be assigned to the head of the lower class.

4) When the original division is changed, due to tie scores, this change shall apply only to the classes directly affected, and the original division shall continue in the other class.


An event has 33 competitors with 5 classes:
Because the short classes are placed first, six shooters will be in classes #1 and #2 and seven shooters in classes #3,4 & 5.

Final scores are arranged from highest to lowest and lines drawn in between classes.

In the event of tie scores, follow rules 2 and 3.


Because of the way Lewis Class works, exceptionally good shooters will always end up at the top of the first Lewis Class. To prevent this from happening, a Modified Lewis Class Shoot could be used. A Modified Lewis Class Shoot allows all shooters to finish shooting. Then all scores are put into a hat, and a number is drawn out.

The number drawn serves as the highest score and all scores are aligned under it. After the lowest score shot is listed, then the highest score shot is listed under that.

Example: Scores range from 100 to 70. Numbers 70 through 100 are put in a hat, and a number is drawn out, say 85. The scores beginning with 85 is at the head of the list all the way through 70. After 70, the score of 100 through 86 is listed. Now, you may divide the classes as shown on the first page. This procedure makes for a truly random event.