"The Range"

Welcome to the hunting season. Please take care and be safe and don’t forget to enter your harvest in our trophy and award categories. No money but bragging rights.


Registration is required. Contact: Heino Seibert

WHENSat May 29 2021 & Sun May 30 2021
TIME – 8:00 am to 4:30 am (0800 hrs
1630 hrs)
WHERE – Williams Lake Sportsman’s Association
920 Bond Lake
Rd Williams Lake BC

Certified Training Course instructors Heino Seibert & Bill Davidson

Class Size

Maximum of 6 for this course date


Heino Seibert  email- hseibert@spectrapowersports.com or  phone 250-392-0685


Preregistration and prepayment of $275.00 is required so that course material must be ordered and arrive in time. (Fees include IPSC BC membership for current season)

Payment can be electronic fund transfer (EFT)  which is preferred to Heino Seibert at email  hseibert@spectrapowersports.com or cheque ( payable to Heino Seiber) or cash.

To register, email all the following info to hseibert@spectrapowersports.com 

Full Name
Best contact phone number
Email Address
Date of
Make, Model and caliber of gun being used

What to bring

  • Food and liquid for the day
  • Wear appropriate attire for weather conditions as 857o approx of course will be on the range
  • Pants with a minimum of 2 functional belt loops
  • Minimum 600 rounds of ammo that works reliably in your firearm
  • Minimum caliber of 9mm x 19mm
  • Handgun that is in good condition, reliable and is safe to operate
  • Minimum of 4 magazines or 7 speed loaders (revolver) for your firearm
  • Gun belt that holds your equipment securely and safely
  • A holster that holds your handgun securely and must cover the trigger guard of the handgun when holstered. If you’re not sure about your holster, call me to discuss. Note: Serpa style holsters that incorporate a mechanical locking mechanism that uses the trigger finger to unlock the gun from the holster are not legal for IPSC use.
  • Eye and ear protection (Electronic muffs preferred)
  • Be familiar with and have some practice with the handgun and gear you will be using at the

Any questions, concerns or issues please contact Heino – hseibert@spectrapowersports.com  or phone 250-392-0685


Upon successful completion of this 2 day course, the student will have enhanced their skill and confidence beyond any mandated requirements and if they chose, will demonstrate all of the necessary skills to shoot an International Practical Shooters Confederation  at Provincial, National and lnternational events. Black Badge Certification will allow match entry at any IPSC events.

Class Size

Dependent upon number of instructors available


Manuals will be given out to students no latter than 1 week prior to course. IPSC open book pretests must be completed by students and brought to the course on the morning of the first day for marking.


Instructors are current IPSG Canada members, certified with IPSC Canada and as instructors with the NTO and National Range Officers Institute Canada (NROI).


To take the course you will need a firearm with a caliber of 9mm x 19 or larger, at least 4 magazines (5 preferred), an appropriate holster (in accordance with IPSC Rule 5.2), mag pouches, a belt (for the holster and mag pouches), safety glasses, ear protection and approximately 600 rounds of ammunition.  Reading the materials that are provided with this course.

Overview of course

The IPSC Canada National Training program is better known as the “Black Badge” course. The course is used to train competitors in action shooting sports and give them the basic skills necessary to participate in IPSC competitions world wide or to develop or improve personal gun handling skills. A manual is provided to assist the students and will be used as a reference throughout the course.

The Black Badge course teaches a combination of safety, proficiency, and understanding of the international rules.

The Black Badge Course contains both a theoretical and practical component. Students should expect to spend up to 4 hours in a classroom environment and 12 hours on the range. Here, they will learn the safety procedures involved when moving with a drawn firearm, reloading under time pressure and utilizing a holster. They will learn the rules of the game and practice all of these under cold conditions (unloaded firearms and magazines) before proceeding with the practical live fire part of the course. Students will be observing techniques demonstrated by the instructor(s) and will repeat the techniques under the close supervision of the instructor(s). Upon mastering the techniques the student will engage in live fire courses.

A full day and a half is spent on the range, where students will practice the skills needed for IPSC style competitions. These include but are not limited to:

. Reloading
. Reloading and shooting on the move
. Moving with a firearm
. Shooting strong and weak handed
. Shooting from various positions
. Target transitions
. Shooting around barricades
. Shooting through door / port openings
. Shooting while advancing and retreating

Upon completion of the 2-day course the students can expect to be very safe and sufficiently proficient to allow them to compete in competitions at local clubs and at Provincial, National and lnternational events. Black Badge Certification will allow match entry at any IPSC events.