Dates to be announced – waiting list in effect

Williams Lake Sportsman’s Association facilities 920 Bond Lake Rd Williams Lake BC

NROI / IPSC Certified Training Course Instructors

Heino Seibert / CRO, TCI

Bill Davidson / RO, TCI

Class Size
IPSC guidelines allow only a maximum of 6 students per course.

*** NOTE ***

To secure a spot, complete

* No cancellations accepted 2 weeks prior to Course *


 Email registration Info to: hseibert@spectrapowersports.com

Include all of the below

  • Full name
  • Best contact phone number
  • Email address (will be available when you email me)
  • Make, model and caliber of handgun you are using
  • EFT Instructor fee of $155.00 to same email address.

Use PW:  BBC

  • No cancellations accepted 2 weeks prior to Course
To secure a spot, complete “step 1” ASAP.   – First 6 will receive an email of acceptance  while remainder will be advised that course is full, registration declined and placed on wait list –



Mandatory to register and join IPSC BC

Notify  at hseibert@spectrapowersports.com once you’ve completed this.

Training Instructor  Heino Seibert / CRO, TCI will retrieve your Member Number and order the training manuals for you


Training Material will be given out to students no later than 2 weeks prior to course

  • Once they arrive, these will be either mailed to you or can be picked up at Spectra Power Sport 770 Broadway Ave Williams Lake

  • IPSC open book pre-tests must be completed by students and brought to the course on the morning of the first day for marking. This is an open book exam and usually will take about 2 hrs to do. It is included in the Training Material. Passing grade is 75%


Overview of course

The IPSC Canada National Training program, better known as the “Black Badge Course” teaches a combination of safety, proficiency, and understanding of the international rules. The course is used to train competitors in the Action Shooting sports, giving them the basic skills necessary to participate in IPSC competitions world wide. Many students use the course to develop and or improve their personal dynamic gun handling skills as well.  A manual is provided to assist the students and will be used as a reference throughout the course.

Skills are learned by:

  • Reading the materials that are provided with this course.
  • Observing techniques demonstrated by the instructor.
  • Repeating the techniques under the close supervision of the instructor.
  • Dry fire practice
  • Live fire courses

The emphasis of the Black Badge Course is safety and proficiency. Recognizing this, many other clubs and organizations use the Black Badge Course as their standard for training or in lieu of their own training programs.

The Black Badge Course contains both a theoretical and practical component. Students should expect to spend up to 4 hours in a classroom environment and 12 hours on the range. Here, students will learn the safety procedures involved when moving with a drawn firearm, reloading, engaging targets under time pressure, utilizing a holster.

Students will learn the rules and practice all of these under cold conditions (unloaded firearms and magazines) before proceeding with the practical live fire part of the course.

A full day and a half is spent on the range, where students will practice the skills needed for IPSC style competitions. These include but are not limited to:

  • Drawing from a holster
  • Reloading
  • Reloading and shooting on the move
  • Moving with a firearm
  • Shooting strong and weak handed
  • Shooting from various positions
  • Target acquisition and transitions
  • Shooting around barricades
  • Shooting through door / port openings
  • Shooting while advancing and retreating and moving laterally

Both new and experienced shooters are welcome.  This course will demonstrate all of the necessary skills to shoot an IPSC action course of fire safely, accurately and proficiently.

Upon completion of the 2-day course the students can expect to be very safe and sufficiently proficient to allow them to compete in competitions at local clubs and at Provincial, National and International events. Black Badge Certification will allow match entry at IPSC events and is also required at many non-IPSC sanctioned events

Instructors are current IPSC members, certified with IPSC Canada and Certified Instructors with the NTO and NROI.


If you need any assistance in any way such as equipment, resources, questions, please contact either of use.  

Heino Seibert

            Email  hseibert@spectrapowersports.com

            Cell     250-392-0685

            Work   250-392-3201

            Fax     250-392-1166


           Bill Davidson

           Email bill6@shaw.ca

           Cell    250-392-0222

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