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Welcome to "Scrap Bill C-21"

CCFR – Scrap C21

Learn how you, your club or group can take active steps to fight back against the Trudeau and Liberal Party firearm “prohibition” or perhaps better known as “we will forcibly take from all responsible gun owners their legally bought property”

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2023 Wild Game Banquet

SOLD OUT … Once again through the generosity of our members, our supporters and our volunteers, WILLIAMS LAKE SPORTSMAN’S ASSOCIATION  is able to invite you, family and friends to the 2023 WILD GAME BANQUET

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2022 – IPSC Qualifier

This years IPSC Qualifier was held on Saturday July 16 – 17 2022 and was sponsored by Spectra Power Sports , Davidson Financial Services and your Association. Plus Cheryl Chan and Leigha Holley were able to raise charity funds for ….

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Range Day 2022

Sat June 04 2022 we participated in the 1st National Range Day event. A variety of disciplines were represented with a variety of …

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Electrifying Improvement

IPSC/Cowboy Action have a long awaited improvement to the shack. Through the efforts of Directors and friends, electricity has been channelled to the bays. Now …..

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