2020 BC Winter Games – Results



Williams Lake’s archery competitors (Cariboo Archers) did not disappoint in the 2020 BC Winter Games held in Fort Saint John BC on February 20-24 2020.

On behalf of all the athletes, I pledge to compete in the spirit in which the games were founded, a celebration of competition, honour, and friendship.

I pledge to strive to be the best I can be. To rise to the challenges I meet here, and when I return home. I pledge to push beyond what is expected of me, and extend my limits in sport, academics and community.

And I pledge to rise to the challenges I face, and share with my competitors my victories and my friendship.

Athletes Pledge – Delivered by Stella Jarnagin February 19 2020

On the first day of competition, Isaac Bedford (Jasmine Bedford) and Ty Thurow (Bob Thurow) both shot 1135 over 2 days of competition, with Isaac having one more “x” than Ty so securing the gold and giving Ty the silver. 

While on the 2 day event Kylie Sharman (Lynn Sharman) on her lead from the first round and finished with 1124/1200, 30 points above second place.

The 3rd day of competition was match play for 1st to 4th place only, with Ty Thurow securing gold by winning both his rounds. Isaac was defeated by the strong 4th place and 3rd place shooters who ended up silver and bronze respectively.  Kylie easily defeated 4th place and then was neck and neck in the gold medal match, tying it up after 15 arrows and prompting a shootout. Kylie’s shootout arrow was almost a bulls-eye and much closer to the centre than her competitor’s which secured Kylie’s second gold of the weekend. 

Our future Olympians  were coached / supported / supervised by Al Campsall (Raeleen Campsall) and Lora-Lee Murray –

I  know I speak for all parents when I say a heartfelt thank you to them as well!  ———  Mary Thurow ———-.